Comp-Lynx is an online marketplace where business owners, insurance professionals, payroll & accounting professionals, and insurance companies can  intersect and at the same time, avoid high pressure sales people whose interest is only pushing their product and hitting their sales quota.

Comp-Lynx is an idea that is rooted in the experience of its founder, Jim Urseth, a pioneer in the integration of insurance pay-as-you-go through payroll service technology.  Comp-Lynx is a service offered by Employers’ Risk Management Association, (ERMA).  ERMA has quietly become a  major force, providing customized risk management & human resource tools as well as special insurance programs for business owners who are looking for products and services that FIT.  

Agents and payroll vendors participating in Comp-lynx are vetted to provide maximum quality service, industry knowledge and great pricing.  Agents are free to choose what is best for their customers; whether the choices are special ERMA insurance programs or programs of their own in order to provide best value for our members.

As Comp-Lynx grows, we welcome feedback so we may continue to improve our service.