Don’t surrender to the payroll companies,  “big box” agencies or PEOs !  You CAN compete and your customers are better off with YOU as their agent!

Write with YOUR carriers under YOUR contract or you can utilize special programs from ERMA specially designed for ERMA members!


Most major payroll companies and web-based agencies require policyholders to name THEM as “Agent of Record” in order to administer Pay-As-You-Go.  If you’re lucky, they may offer you a fraction of your regular earnings.  With Comp-Link, you have the freedom to offer your clients Pay-As-You-Go with whatever payroll platform they choose, even DIY payroll!

Best of all:  You write policies under YOUR direct carrier contracts!


Additionally, Comp-Link affiliates can be excellent resources for finding  additional markets


Build another revenue stream:

If you would like a competitive payroll quote, Comp-Link will help you find a payroll quote from an affiliated company that will NOT steal your customers! 

ALL Comp-Link affiliates participate in our unique profit sharing program, so you can generate a permanent, residual revenue stream from your referrals!



Remember:  You may not be asking your clients about payroll, but payroll companies are asking YOUR clients about insurance!

Instant payroll quote now!paygo only on existing policy or quote:

Partnership Opportunities:

Comp-Lynx partnerships provide instant equity and additional income streams through profit sharing.  If you are interested in learning more:

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