What sets Comp-Lynx apart?

First:  Flexibility

Comp-Lynx agents are not obligated to write with Comp-Lynx markets.  This is an industry FIRST!  Other online market places require writing policies with a specific carrier or under a General Agent’s contract.   Comp-Lynx agents may elect to use special programs arranged by our parent company, Employers’ Risk Management Association, (ERMA) OR write policies under their own contracts.  Our priority is that our customers receive the policy that best fits their needs.


Second:  Special programs

Comp-Lynx is part of a larger association, (ERMA) which enables us to offer special programs which may be accessed by our participating agents.  Check back often as we are constantly negotiating for our members!


Contractors/roofers & construction program: A.M. Best rated A-XV workers’ compensation for General Contractors, Roofers, and most other construction codes!

Safety Pays Rewards program: Max out your clients’ dividend potential!  This special program  is for those select businesses that adhere to safe workplace practices and demonstrate excellence in employment practices.

“Ghost Policy”:  a policy written on an owner-only that has no employees, but is required to show proof of workers’ compensation.  Restrictions vary by state, however as a rule, the owner must provide proof of exemption under their particular state’s workers’ compensation laws.

Agency profit-sharing:  ERMA’s Safety Pays Rewards program doesn’t forget our agency partners!